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The Caldera, seen from a boat is a source of wonderment.
A boat trip around the Caldera lake is a magnificent way to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon. The views from the sea are breathtaking and it will be a memorable experience. 

There are private cruises that leave from the Athinios Port, sail towards the Red and White beaches, stop by the Volcano and turn inside the Caldera; guests may swim in the therapeutic Hot Springs and have a delicious barbeque meal on board, while enjoying the most spectacular sunsets.


The products of the volcanic soil are delicious.

Santorini's cuisine is mainly based on locally grown products. These products, nourished by the volcanic soil, the bright sun and the high local humidity from the Aegean Sea, have an extraordinary tasteful flavors.
Some of the more important are grapes, cherry tomatoes, fava, white eggplant, zucchini, fresh cheese, local sausages, wild capers, local watermelon and sweet melitinia. 
Santorini’s cuisine is characterised by dishes containing ingredients that are inextricably linked to the Mediterranean diet.



Santorini wine is unique. Due to the volcanic soil and Mediterranean climate, the types of wine produced on the island are unlike anything you may have tasted elsewhere. Embark on a wine tasting journey and allow your senses to be lifted by the delicate tastes and heavenly aromas of fine Santorinian grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mavrotragano and Mantilaria, as well as the delicate taste of local wines and hand selected wine and spirits of fine international grape varieties.


Santorini is the Island that couples around the world pick for their wedding experience and  honeymoon. 
The mystic beauty, the legends, the breathtaking sunsets, the romantic atmosphere, the deep blue sea, the red, black, purple, brown and yellow volcanic cliffs, the volcano itself, are just some of the reasons that justify the above choice.There is a variety of wedding packages, where couples can choose  from a wide selection of wedding locations, ceremonies, reception areas, and many other extras, to fit their requirements and budget.


In Santorini we have a lot of Spa Centers. So, give your holidays an extra beauty and relaxing “touch” with the body and facial treatments, the massages and the hair care proposals that the Spa Centers are offering. Indulge in the hands of the highly skilled personnel and give to your holidays a unique feeling as you are doing yourself a magical gift, since the lava of Santorini help for the extra leisure.

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