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Guide to Aretousa Villas

Guests have several transportation options available by the arrival, specifically:

1. Local Taxi


On your arrival to the airport or port you can grab a taxi and ask them to transfer you to the aparthotel.


2. Mini Bus transfer


The last three years appeared many mini buses in Santorini and make transfers like taxis, with the difference that you are on board with more people but the price is less than a taxi.


3. Local Bus


It is the cheapest option, but you have to know the timetable of the buses. The bus stop is called "Emporikon kentro" in Perissa, from there you have to walk to the aparthotel about 100-150 meters.


4. Free transfer


We can arrange a transfer only from the airport or the port under certain circumstances. The specific policy about a free transfer is analytically written on the page of Policies, please visit it. 


5. Car rental


We can also arrange for a car rental, where will await you either at the port or airport. Please note that in order to arrange for a car rental you have to send us an email at least one month earlier.  

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