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There is an old saying: Santorini has more churches than houses and more wine than water...


Regarding the religious feasts of Santorini, locals tend to organize them with great love for tradition and faith. Usually for these festivities preparations start some days before the feast day including cooking and decoration of the church. Every village has its own patron saint which is celebrated with passion with various ceremonies and church services.

  • On the 15th of August, the biggest celebration held in Santorini for the feast day of Holy Virgin, in the church of Panagia Episkopi. Preparations start one day before with traditional food and local wine which is distributed to the people.

  • On 29th of May, the feast day of Agia Theodosia is celebrated in Akrotiri village.

  • On 1st of July, the feast day of Agioi Anargyroi in Megalochori village.

  • On 24th of July, the feast day of Agios Ioannis is celebrated in Monolithos village.

  • On 8th of September, the feast day of Holy Cross is celebrated in Perissa.

  • Festival The Ifestia Festival (meaning the Greek Volcano festival) is organized annually in Santorini, every August. It involves a representation of the eruption of the island's volcano with fireworks and a series of interesting events, concerts and dance performances.

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